For the exhibition Bardini Boboli Project, Michele Dantini has also presented Baedeker, an artist’s book conceived for Tusciaelecta 2007.

Baedeker is a collection of site-specific projects created for Tusciaelecta and together they exemplify a working attitude: the diversity of the projects corresponds to the multiple narratives that pass through a region, at times in forms that are obvious, latent, ironic, spectral, and the different degree of involvement that each of these inspires.

The text that gives its name to the volume is a conversational travel diary: a weave of searches for documents, accounts of time spent in archives, dialogue and fragments of inquiry, biographies, manipulations of vintage postcards, pilgrimages. It takes the name of the most popular nineteenth-century travel guide, the secular breviary of the holidays of the British, Swiss and Germans in Italy, but ambitiously seeks to circumvent (the official nature of) wonders and monuments. Lying somewhere between visual projects, he runs interference with images and words, common attitudes, mutual or separate, possible collaborations, congeniality, silences. He interprets writing as a relational practice.

Artist, critic, curator, Michele Dantini is interested in projects that connect art, political ecology and reflection on the ‘public sphere’.