Tempo Reale

Der Klang

With Der Klang Tempo Reale offers two encounters with German electronic music.

The first, The Origins of Elektronische Müsik presents works that have left their mark in the history of the German repertoire, starting with the studios of WDR in Cologne, where such composers as Ligeti and Kagel were guests. Lelio Camilleri, composer and musicologist, acts as a guide, explaining the birth of an important school in the history of electronic music, interpreting, in the renowned Studio B of Tempo Reale, some fundamental compositions that helped create the legendary German Klang.

The second, The Electronic Music Scene in Germany is a guided tour for the listening of recent electronic works produced in Germany, with Ludger Bruemmer – Director of ZKM in Karlsruhe, one of the most important multi-media production centres in Europe.