Studio Marangoni

True Loving

True Loving by Jordi Bernadó describes with great humor, strange places in the United States with evocative names such as Paradise, Utopia and Eden. To take his photographs, Bernardò starts with the name of the place and searches for unusual histories, stories and situations.

The photographs are the result of random routes that led him to destinations not covered in the tourist guides. True Loving is an exhibition and a book seemingly contaminated by the world of images and literature; Bernardò uses his photographs like words that tell a story, observing the United States and the ideas related to its history from within our collective imagination to understand the present. Each chapter explores different worlds and transforms them into imaginary places. Jordi Bernardò’s interest in photography is focused in his way of thinking about cities, architecture and urban structure. Contradiction, absurdity, randomness and irony are often the sources of inspiration that he uses to emphasize that which surrounds him.