Senzacornice | Laboratorio di ricerca e formazione per l’arte contemporanea


Senzacornice | Research and Education Lab for Contemporary Art, conceived and coordinated by Alessandra Acocella e Caterina Toschi aims to combine pure research and academic education with their applied meaning linked with the Florentine institutional context of museums, exhibition centres and events of contemporary art. Composed of young scholars and Ph.D. candidates, the Lab aspires to deal with the main actors of the institutional art scene to create a new active system of services (national and international conferences, workshops, cataloguing and digitization of archives, educational activities, virtual stories, historical-artistic itineraries, etc.) aimed at promoting and diffusing the contemporary artistic culture of Florence and Tuscany. The digital platform collects the results of the Lab projects, thus stimulating the development of future plans focused on contemporary art in Tuscany, in Italy and abroad. One of the main purposes of the digital platform is to map the archives and library collections related to contemporary art constituted in Florence and Tuscany since 1950s. The objective is to value, promote and diffuse the patrimony of contemporary art of the Tuscan territory to divulge and make accessible online through an innovative tool that preserves the memory and experiments a new methodology of scientific research and education in light of the Web potential and its connectivity and visibility.

In September 2014 the Association Senzacornice has been selected by the Incubatore Universitario Fiorentino (IUF) to evolve in an entrepreneurial form the project of the Lab of Research and Education for Contemporary Art through tutoring and training activities in the innovative and technological sectors.

Senzacornice is currently working with the project Piccoli Grandi Musei. Toscana ‘900 promoted by Regione Toscana and Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.