Tusciaelecta is a public art event designed to create a model for redefining the landscape and urban fabric by bringing contemporary works of art to Chianti in order to create a meaningful relationship between specially created works of art and the area that hosts them.

The intent is to create site-specific works as social interaction, communication and passage points, conceived to break the routine of daily life and, with their presence, to offer alternatives to the stereotypical Tuscan ‘postcard’ landscape image, and inviting, along with aesthetic observation, active and diverse experiences and visits.

Since the 2005/2006 biennial, Tusciaelecta has initiated a process of redefining their goals. In the belief that it is necessary to foster a growing interaction between the works and the areas that host them, the exhibition started to focus increasingly on permanent site-specific works: the interventions were sometimes less showy but always supported by a strong integration with the territory, a choice that has not only definitely encouraged the encounter with a specialized public, but also, gradually, that of the inhabitants.

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