A face-off between lighting designers from Paris and an Icelandic artist; a duel between an engineer from Tokyo and an American trendsetter; watching architects test themselves in an unusually playful realtionship with light and its ability to accompany or overturn volumes and designs in space; see artist become enthusiastic about the physical properties of lighting fixtures – all this and more takes place in the workshop of ideas, at the Fondazione Targetti.

Established to promote, support and develop the culture of light, art and architecture, Fondazione Targetti is a point of meeting, integration, and cultural exchange for specific skills, in order to share the knowledge from individual research channels and establish a network of excellence capable of offering a precious opportunity for professional enrichment. To this end, training courses, cultural events, conventions, conferences, seminars, debates, roundtables and working meetings are organized and attended by internationally renowned figures.

The Osservatorio sull’Architettura was established as a series of meetings for monitoring, surveying and analysing the processes connected to the intricacies of contemporary architecture and the related complex urban phenomena. The relationship between the client and the architect, the role of utopia in the history of architecture, the relationship between art and architecture, architecture as a language are some of the topics that have been discussed during the series of meetings that have been carried out since 2004 under the direction of the architect Pino Brugellis.