BASE is a non-profit cultural association established in the spring of 1998 by a group of artists in Florence.

The primary idea of BASE is to provide a space which is open to the most significant of contemporary Italian and international Art practice, to present the works of artists in a dialectic of sign and language which seek to maintain an open dialogue of ideas concerning contemporary culture.

BASE was initially set-up and supported by an open group of artists, but in the longer term it aims to involve a wider circle of arts-related individuals; scholars, critics, collectors and friends by way of participation and support for the association’s activities. BASE will thus be perceived as an essential point of exchange of information and experience, part of a collective cultural inheritance available to all.

BASE presents exhibitions, projects, debates and dialogues, providing a variety of interpretations and perspectives on the more interesting issues occurring in contemporary Art and culture.

via San Niccolò 18r / i
50125 Firenze
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Estate Fiorentina
Bardini Contemporanea