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CALIBRO 35 – Indagine Sul Cinema Del Brivido In Italia – live

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Crescendo 2013

A key event for “Crescendo”, a special concert that will see on stage at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence musicians Caliber 35 and many guests to celebrate the music of one of the kinds of worship of the Italian cinema of the ’70s. A concert in which 35 Gauge will perform a vast repertoire, unusual and encyclopaedic.

The formation of the evening is a true “all stars” of the Italian indie rock scene: the four musicians come together Caliber 35 appearances prominent as Serena Altavilla, lead singer of Blue Willa, Rodrigo D’Erasmo Afterhours and Vincenzo Vasi, presence Significant also the band’s Vinicio Capossela.

The classic action movie of “cops and robbers” of the ’70s, whose exploration, reinvention and dissemination Caliber 35 has always been faithful, in fact joins another line at least once deserves to be celebrated: it is the cinema the thrill Italian, a term that encompasses a broad category ranging from early film thrilling yellow visionary innovator Dario Argento horror as “Chain Reaction” by Mario Bava, obvious source of inspiration for the American slasher film that so successfully continued to have over the decades, until the splatter films like “Cannibal Holocaust”.