Museo Marino Marini

Inner Beauty. Fredrik Værslev

curated by Alberto Salvadori

Opening on Saturday, September 19 at the Museo Marino Marini is the solo exhibition of the Norwegian artist Fredrik Værslev (1979), with a project made specifically for the Florentine Museum, curated by Alberto Salvadori. At the Museo Marino Marini, the artist will present two series of works: the first, a body of paintings loosely referred to as Trolley Paintings together with Glass Paintings, or Glass Sculptures if you like, both these series produced for the occasion. The Trolley Paintings, made with a mechanized striping machine, usually used to mark the lines of athletic fields and borders and to divide the lanes on roads and highways, is in this case moving toward an unusual figurative approach, inspired by the aesthetics, architecture and atmosphere of the crypt of the Museum Marino Marini, the site of the exhibition. The signs are superimposed in a sort of collage, a composition of the weblike lines that have various atmospheres and transparencies. Following this particular strategy, the artist examines the intersection and the dichotomy that link abstraction, decoration and representation, slipping to the edge of control and joining the tradition of gesture painting which freed artists from the academic and pre-conceptual schemes from the 1950s onwards. Formally and aesthetically, these works were conceived in response to the works on canvas, and manifest themselves as a kind of secondary pictorial space with respect to them. The Glass Paintings – a body of work which in its shape and function reference a Norwegian folk object stemming from post-war, gypsy handcraft – are works painted on frosted acrylic glass and are brought to life in their transparent and translucent colours by an artificial light, a simple light bulb mounted on a wooden support in perfect harmony with those installed to light the works of Marino Marini, displayed on the first floor of the museum. The painthas been added straight out of the spray can in piles on the glass, then pressed to the ground, creating thick patterns that variously got removed with toilet paper, and an ice scraper. For the exhibition, Mousse Publishing will be publishing a monograph developed in partnership with Le Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain de Brest, dedicated to a solo exhibition of Værslev’s work in February 2015, supported by the Giò Marconi Gallery, Milan, Standard (OSLO), Oslo and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Region of Tuscany, OAC Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Giò Marconi Gallery, Milan, Andrew Kreps, New York and STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo. The initiative is in collaboration with the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art under the auspices of the regional project: “Cantiere Toscana Contemporanea”.

Thanks to the collaboration with Antinori Art Project.