Museo Marino Marini


La verità è figlia del tempo non dell’autorità (Truth is the daughter of time and not authority)

May 4 / July 7, 2012

Curated by Alberto Salvadori and produced for the museum’s crypt, the installation grew from the reading and interpretation of a fundamental text of modern theatre, The Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht. The opening will include a performance of CANDIDATE Like Nightfall in the Morning, with the participation of Sandra Ceccarelli, Gary Indiana, and Marco Mazzoni.

The work of the Italian-American duo, which was established in 1995, ranges from photography to sculpture, and is always characterized by a desire to prevent the viewer from activating those identification systems that are the basis of the mimetic process that is a founding matrix of Western art.

The interest in the great trials of history is bound in the Life of Galileo to the dominant theme of the first Galileo, that of the propagation of truth in the face of censorship and violence. The selection of pieces that the artists have created using the Brechtian text focuses on the relationship between truth and power, and the lacerating and lacerated relationship that arises between the research as an expression of freedom and the culture of power as a reactionary and unpopular element to change.
In La verità è figlia del tempo non dell’autorità (Truth is the daughter of the time and not authority) the passages will be read by actors Marco Mazzoni and Sandra Ceccarelli.

John Lovett (USA 1962) \ Alessandro Codagnone (Italia1967) live and work in New York (USA). Their work ranges from photography to sculpture, video to installation and performance, where the protagonists are always in an ironic role-play aimed at exposing the socially defined roles of power in interpersonal relationships. While the two artists in their early work responded critically to the assimilation of gay culture by the aesthetic practices of mass consumerism (fashion, music, entertainment), in the most recent performance, they reflect on the identity and the inadequacy of language with respect to the complexity of the couples relationship.