Museo Marino Marini

Sturm und Drang

This exhibition by Eugenia Vanni at the Marino Marini museum is an unprecedented example of the engraving concept taken to the extreme, and here it is anthropologically reinterpreted. While obeying the rules of the classic technique in all its obligatory and specific steps, the prints in the exhibition register the traces of a spontaneous manual dexterity and highlight a causality that brings to light the traces of a daily experience that is “de-stratified” over time. Old kitchen cutting boards have been used as the printing plates for the engravings, grooved through so many years of continuous and unnoticed humble housework. Once covered with ink and put through the press, these plates leave an engraving of an unexpected aesthetic completeness. Each plate produces a print, which is also the closure to the object’s practical and domestic function.

The title chosen by the artist, Sturm und Drang, alludes to the evocativeness of the graphic result and highlights the contrast between the humble daily life of the creative process and the formal product, which seems to allude to a romantic setting of stormy skies and misty landscapes.