Museo Marino Marini

Nicola Martini

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Early One Morning

The Museo Marino Marini’s Early One Morning exhibition programme, curated by artistic director Alberto Salvadori, continues with the opening, on 19 April, of Nervo vago by the Florentine Nicola Martini (1984), one of the best young artists on the Italian art scene. The vagus nerve exits from the medulla oblongata, extending through the jugular foramen, running from the thorax to the gastrointestinal cavity; the tenth of twelve paired cranial nerves, it is responsible for cardiac frequency, through gastrointestinal peristalsis, the sudoration of the muscles used by the palate and the opening of the larynx during inspiration. It also receives sensory data from the outer ear and part of the meninx. Its matter, which has a unitary matrix, is specified according to the regions it affects.
Nicola Martini’s project for the Museo Marino Marini enters directly into the museum’s nervous system, slotting into the architecture by entering into the nerves, into the connecting spaces between exterior and interior, between different materials, between the penetration and intermingling of light and darkness. As always in his practice, Martini generates frictions in the nature of the elements constituting his sculpture, establishing a direct relationship with material, whether it is that of the works he himself produces or that of the structural and building elements, in this case the architecture of the museum.
The narthex, delimited by Leon Battista Alberti’s large triforium, is the first place where Martini’s work encounters, engages with and modifies the late Brutalist-style shell that greets visitors to the Museo Marini and introduces us to the interior, where the collection of the Pistoian artist is housed. Inside the building, in the sacellum of the crypt, Martini intervenes by denying the space, barring access to a room devoted to projects by invited artists, reshaping its function with a sculpture made from a special wax.