Museo Marino Marini

Matthew Brannon

Evento inserito nella rassegna Early One Morning

The Museo Marino Marini’s Early One Morning exhibition programme, curated by artistic director Alberto Salvadori, continues with the opening, on 19 April, of Department Store at Night (Five Impossible Films,1), a previously unshown project, produced by the museum, by the widely acclaimed American artist Matthew Brannon (St. Maries, Idaho, 1971). Brandon, who has exhibited in many important museums around the world, combines elaborate and sophisticated graphic work with installations designed to create complex narrative projects. At the Museo Marino Marini Brannon has constructed Department Store at Night, where sculptures, prints, fabric flooring and a book recount the cruel and strange nocturnal episode at the heart of a mystery that needs solving. The fiction element draws on ideas and impressions the artist had while inspecting the museum – the crypt space, now used for exhibition projects, a place with centuries of history and a repository of facts and events unknown to us – and while visiting Florence, where the department store is now the distinguishing feature of a city centre completely given over to trade of all kinds. Here, a lively daytime life alternates with a flat, almost dead, night life, animated by typical provincial news events in which everything can appear exceptional. Besides the book, the exhibition consists of three clusters of works, conceived and realized as fully fledged theatre and cinema sets.