Museo Marino Marini


curated by Giovanna Uzzani and Alberto Salvadori

Centro Di, 50 years of publishing
the avant-garde that provided the world with a model

Approximately one hundred works exhibited in the Ente Cassa Exhibition Space and the Museo Marino Marini.
Centro Di helped to tell the world, particularly between 1960 and 1980, about the glorious years of avant-garde art. It also managed to bring innovation to the concept of the art catalogue, and was the most authoritative voice on national and international artistic research, interacting with the most important specialized publishers and playing a major role in the growth and understanding of contemporary culture in Tuscany and Italy. This is the publishing house Centro Di, and the exhibition “A misura di libro. 50 anni di edizioni Centro Di 1964/2014 (The dimension of the book. 50 years of editions by Centro Di 1964/2014)”. The exhibition runs from February19 to April 23 at the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Exhibition Space (Via Bufalini 6) and from March 1 to April 26 at the Museo Marino Marini (Piazza San Pancrazio).

This event does not simply celebrate a Florentine publishing house that has attracted international attention, a publisher that has provided a model with its high quality publications, that has honoured and still honours Florence today. It also takes us on a journey through an extraordinary season in our recent history. For two decades, it made the Tuscan capital, moreover quite oblivious and indifferent to all of it (and it is certainly not the only case), the crossroads of the greatest innovations beating in the heart of international art.