Museo Marino Marini

Esther Kläs – Girare con te (Moving With You)

Evento inserito nella rassegna Late One Morning

Esther Kläs presents the project ‘Girare con te’ (Moving With You), a series of sculptures made by the artist during her summer residence at Carrara.
‘Girare con te’ is the Museo Marino Marini’s new production.

The sculptures will be housed in part of the museum’s crypt and will be a tool for interaction and investigation between the Marino Marini sculpture collection, Esther Kläs, the museum space and visitors.
“Girare con te ” or ‘Moving With You’ is about moving together and around the sculpture to be part of a dynamic and relational process triggered by the sculpture in a relationship between the work, the space and the person.
Klas’s work is characterized by primordial, almost totemic forms with a taste for the abstract. The works created for the exhibition trigger a relationship of closeness and investigation between viewer and object, between object and architectural space, defining an elegant and austere dialogue between the parties.
In the first work on exhibit, a series of six sculptures and four castings in aluminium, the materials are expressed in their raw form, embellished with fine colour details that isolate each element in a well-defined set. The group of sculptures in turn is enhanced with aluminium castings, signals that trace the material from the time in which the process of moulding the shape begins. Kläs’ sculptures are seen in their initial state, where everything still needs to be defined and the materials express their physical characteristics, thus highlighting their authentic qualities.
Instead, the small sanctuary of the crypt will house one of the few sculptures by the artist where the form shows an object, in this case a hand holding a tile fragment, bearing witness to Kläs’ first-hand experience of following in the wake of Robert Smithson in Rome. A fragment of past memory is made permanent with this evocative gesture.
In the last room two sculptures made of red granite are on exhibit with their dry and clear material qualities showing the traces of the extraction and cutting done in the quarry, giving the material the look of sculpting. On these surfaces, the artist has developed a system of circular marks by removing material and making the stones into true abstract objects.
Kläs’ desire to abstract the real subject of the sculpture is the beginning of her creation, while the end result are works with a strong, archaic, timeless quality, thus placing her work in the past, present and future of sculptural practice.

The exhibition is entirely produced by the Museo Marino Marini, which thanks the galleries Spazio A (Pistoia) and Peter Blum (New York).