Museo Marino Marini

Francesco Gennari

Evento inserito nella rassegna Late One Morning

The solo exhibition of Italian artist Francesco Gennari at the Museo Marino Marini, is the concluding event in the 2014 exhibition program LATE ONE MORNING organized by Alberto Salvadori. The program features contemporary sculpture and its varied capacity for expression in a succession of novel projects and exhibitions produced by the museum over the course of the year.

The Francesco Gennari (Pesaro, 1973) exhibition is the artist’s first retrospective show in an Italian museum. Gennari is one of the most important and representative Italian artist’s of his generation. Since embarking on his career he has shown steadfast consistency in formalizing his thoughts in sculpture, creating a significant oeuvre. Gennari begins a work by observing the world: “I simply observe the world and synthesize it […] it is always intuition that produces art and it is always reason that seeks to understand it.” But it is particularly from the analysis of invisible reality, of that which is denied to our eyes, that his sculptures come forth: self-portraits, works in glass, drawings. The void, absence – as Alberto Salvadori writes in the catalogue – is Gennari’s sphere of work, the realm of his quest. He shapes it and makes it material, objectified, tangible.

Gennari continually passes from one material to another, from one technique to another, from one medium to another, always in frenetic movement to give expression to the imagination, his tool for gaining knowledge. His is an imagination with scientific and philosophical traits, growing out of the Italian roots that we see in the artist’s work, taking us directly into the non-metaphoric anthropomorphism of his works.

Gennari creates his works in collaboration with the most skilled craftspeople in the techniques for working marble and glass. The Florence project, spanning the artist’s oeuvre from his debut to the present time, will feature two new sculptures created with the master glassworkers of Murano and master marble workers of Carrara.

The Francesco Gennari project has been made possible partially thanks to the help of the following galleries: Tucci Russo, Torre Pellice and Zero… of Milano; the Antoine Levi of Paris, and Johnen of Berlin.

LATE ONE MORNING is part of Toscanaincontemporanea 2013 and supported by OAC Ente Cassa di Risparmio of Florence