Krypton/Teatro Studio

In the solitude of the cotton fields

The show, based on a text by Bernard-Marie Koltès and directed by Virginio Liberti and Annalisa Bianco, was mounted three times with great success in the summer of 2006 in places that were representative of everyday life: the debut at Mittelfest in Cividale in a bar, in the courtyard of a Casa del Popolo in Montalcino, and an olive mill in Radicondoli. The stage version is the synthesis, the result, the diary of this exciting show’s journey into the places of life because it is a show about life.

In this text, the most famous by the author, are two men, a customer – Fulvio Cauteruccio – and a dealer – Michele Di Mauro -, who meet by accident late at night. Both have fled their homes, but not randomly. One of them says he has something to sell. The other goes along with him and says that perhaps he’ll buy it. What is it? We do not know, maybe love, maybe some object, perhaps the time, perhaps thought, perhaps a chance to be heard. The tight dialogue is a challenge, a distancing, a hunt, two characters in a verbal maze as violent as a physical confrontation. Yet the opposition between the two seems to hide a need for mutual possession, something that links them inextricably to one another. No apparent justification compels them to continue the conversation, but both are as worn out by a desire to wait for the response of the other and continue indefinitely. Everything looks like a commercial transaction. In fact, in the play, the author includes the definition of ‘deal’ that precedes the first line of text.