Frau Frisör Fosca

The 2013 program of Frau Frisör Fosca (FFF) has inaugurated a period dedicated to sound experimentations and its interdisciplinary connections. Fosca offers a series of occasions dedicated to the interaction between sound, space and perception giving special attention to live performances.
This direction, which includes various formats and research fields, consolidates the collaborations with important local artists and at the same time connects with national and international artists. The interest concerning sound as a filed for artistic research and performance is becoming ever more important for Fosca.

This is the program updated to June

Friday 22nd February at 7:30 pm
Cecilia Blanco e Andras Calamandrei_Una promesa de autonomia
The first appointment  for 2013 is dedicated to a performance, repeated twice, which is the result of the first two weeks long artistic residence of a performing artist form  BuenosAires and a visual artist.

Saturday the 16th of march at 7:30 pm
Blutwurst in concert
The musicians collective based in Florence Blutwurst,  is dedicated to radical improvisation and graphic scores presents a live set with five element. On the 20th anniversary of the death of its inventor Lev Sergeevic Termen special attention is giving to the Theremin.

In collaboration with Tempo Reale and Paesaggio Sonoro Network, FFF hosts to events of FKL “Per Chi Suona il Paesaggio” (For who does the scenery sound).

Thursday 11th of April listening session of works from FKL

Fridat 12th of April the “La bottega degli incontri silenziosi” by Albert Mayr

Friday the 24th of May
Enio Colaci and Alice “Electronic music for barber shop”,
Electronic musician and pianist on laptop and synth.

Saturday the 8th of May
Il Comprensivo Contemporaneo, Radio Papesse, Jessica Grasse and present the work which follows the workshop held in Istituto Comprensivo Calamandrei. The performance is coordinated by Massimo Ricciardo.

Monday the 17th of June
Poetry night with readings by Elisa Biagini who held a workshop on the tales by the Grimm brothers. With Eva Taylor, Stefania Zampiga, Jacopo Ninni, Brenda Porster, Liliana Gruef e Marco Simonelli

Saturday the 23rd of June at 7:30 pm
Live unplugged by the Australian singer Wasp Summer.
With the partnership of Indietravel.

Saturday 29th of June
LIM_performance based on Parkour
Last event of a project which include the participation of parkour athletes, artist, and youth which joined the workshop.
In July.