Fondazione Targetti

Leonardo Ricci – New Urban Models

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Osservatorio sull’Architettura

For the twentieth anniversary of the death of Leonardo Ricci (1918-1994), the Observatory on Architecture, along with the Order of Architects of Florence, are sponsoring the conference dedicated to Leonardo Ricci, new urban models. A reflection on one of the most recognized protagonists in Italian architecture of the last century, he was a pupil and colleague of Giovanni Michelucci, and designed the Village of Monterinaldi and the residential blocks of Sorgane in Florence. The conference will be based on the book, recently published by Quodlibet. It investigates the last works of Ricci from the design of the Centro Direzionale di Firenze (1977) (Florence Management Centre), to the courthouse. It also presents previously unpublished projects of the Florentine architect’s last creative period.
The conference, coordinated by Pino Brugellis (Fondazione Targetti) and Manuel Orazi (Quodlibet), will include talks by Alessandro Jaff (President of the Order of Architects of Florence), Clementina Ricci (Archivio Ricci), Manfredo di Robilant (an architectural historian working for the next International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennial, directed by Rem Koolhaas), Enrico Ognibene (President of the Court of Florence), Giovanni Bartolozzi (author of the book), and Elisabetta Meucci (Councillor for the City of Florence land use policies).

The Observatory on Architecture is supported by: B&C Speakers, Gervasi Spa, Osservatorio Arti Contemporanee (Contemporary Arts Observatory), and Targetti.