Fondazione Targetti

Andreas Kipar – Land – Architettura Sonora

The Targetti Foundation
Villa la Sfacciata, 82 Florence
30 October, 3:30 – 7:00 pm

This conference with Andreas Kipar (Land) and the Architettura Sonora team aims to spark a debate on landscape planning conceived as an inclusion of the prominent elements characterising the landscape and organic interventions to reinvent it. The integration of nature and culture, keeping together diverse elements, are the concepts underpinning the construction of new landscape identities. Making a landscape beautiful is thus not so much a legislative problem as a problem regarding the project’s culture.
The approach to planning the open-air and green spaces must be marked by an interpretation that ranges from small to large scale, from urban and regional planning to private gardens, from revitalising derelict areas to strategic, region-wide plans.
The projects that Andreas Kipar has developed throughout the world will described so as to bring out the characteristics and conceptual identities forming the basis for the many projects he has brought to fruition in these years of intense work. Since his days as a student, his work has been characterised by the relationship between arché and techné; the idea was also crucial to the work of Pietro Porcinai, of whom Kipar was a student while at university in the 80s, and who remained central to Kipar’s studies, as shown in a number of planning projects that truly pay homage to varying landscapes.
The Architettura Sonora team, however, explores the new frontiers in landscapes through the use of new sound techniques aiming to redefine perception of the spatial environment through an immersion experience. Architettura Sonora is capable of shaping technology to create the most beautiful and seductive forms of environmental speakers, considered a kind of “spatial instrument” that integrates with nature and can surround the listener in a fascinating, multi-sensory experience.

The discussion will also feature the participation of the urban planning councillor for the City of Florence, Elisabetta Meucci; Pino Brugellis of Osservatorio sull’Architettura; Paola Porcinai of the Porcinai Archive; and Alessandro Jaff of the Florence Architects’ Professional Association. The event also seeks to pay tribute to Pietro Porcinai, retracing some of the most significant moments in the master’s work through the experiences of the speakers.