Fondazione Targetti

Alvaro Siza

Evento inserito nella rassegna Osservatorio sull’Architettura

Urban Networks. A meeting with Álvaro Siza. The Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, who is known worldwide as the main representative of the “Escola do Porto”, was the protagonist of a new meeting of the Osservatorio sull’Architettura of Targetti Foundation entitled Urban Networks. The meeting was organized in collaboration with A AS Architecture and curated by Pino Brugellis, Marco Rinaldi e Viviana Terzoli.

As Kenneth Frampton wrote, ‘through the attention to the use of local materials, the handicraft and the indefinable light of the territory… all the buildings created by Álvaro Siza become part of the environment discreetly’.

In the Florence conference he talked about his work especially through his sketches – drawing is maybe the most loved activity of the Portuguese master, who illustrated some of his most recent projects.
“Today architects often design without taking care of those who will live in their buildings”, Siza said. “It’s a crucial problem and it is diffused because of a fundamental reason. National communities are not ‘simple’ communities anymore. There are the immigrants. And architecture must take into account there are different ways of life. It doesn’t make any sense to impose the same building to everyone”.

According to Siza, in short, the work of architects is a social work that cannot be done withdrawing from the world.