Fabbrica Europa


Fabbrica Europa XXII has been an immersion in a multitude of creative universes, both physical and cultural: dance, theatre and music expressing unconventional states of the contemporary, tracing simultaneous project lines through innovative proposals enabling a polyphony of voices to emerge. Not an accumulation of signs, but the need to implant relations that give rise to new meanings.
Fabbrica Europa has always worked to build bridges of knowledge and occasions for cultural awareness, finding possible itineraries, unusual trajectories and keeping alive the memory of rituals past and present. Memory that urges on a reactivation of a collective commitment of observation, perception, gesture.
Towards a future with open horizons.
At the center of the dance program, a focus on Asian production, important European companies, well-known and emerging artists of the international and national landscape, which have represented a unique opportunity for a journey across performative and choreographic languages  beyond every border.
The theatre section has included shows focused on a polyphony of artistic voices mixing words and music, vocal and dramatic research, historical and social issues.
The music proposals of the XXII edition have combined the need of making music to  socio-political matters, in a path where the presence of historical protagonists was intertwined with the most interesting innovations of the current scene.