The Casa degli Artisti reopens – 110 years after its foundation – to confirm its nature as a public asset and create a residence, production and enjoyment center open to the city.

A place of meeting, reflection and creation with an interdisciplinary and international view that focuses on study and work and supports the practice of artists in the field of visual, performing, sonic, applied arts, as well as literature and thought.

The cornerstone of the Casa’s activity is the hospitality for the artists in residence. The program, with no age or nationality restrictions, can be accessed by invitation and through open call. Access by invitation corresponds to the curatorial and critical vocation of the Casa degli Artisti, while access by open call corresponds to its welcoming and openness vocation.

The 2020 program revolves around the keyword Work. Work indicates the centrality of work in the project to revamp the Casa degli Artisti which is something like a creative construction site. Work is an invitation to build a place that needs everyone’s input. A place of intersection between different practices and types of knowledge, between a personal dimension and a choral dimension of work, between the work of art and that of thought. A place that connects various types of public, private and non-profit institutions.