Cenacoli fiorentini – Grande adagio popolare III

The project Cenacoli fiorentini Grande Adagio Popolare (Florentine Cenacoli_Great Folkloric Adage), an event involving four cenacoli (monastic dining halls) in Florence that proposes to draw a new geography of city places, is now in its third year. In constant dialogue with the various representations of the Last Supper, the actions take on the value of a human, figurative study that develops around the theme of contact, a physical journey that traverses radically different identities, languages, and places connected by poetic gesture. In these extraordinary and hidden places of the city, places of sharing and viewing, of meditation and silence, actions involving professional dancers, children, adolescents, mother-child pairs, and women and men from different countries come alive in an journey that invites the suspension of the everyday gesture.