La democrazia del corpo

Evento inserito nella rassegna Festival Oltrarno Atelier 2013

La democrazia del corpo (The democracy of the body) addresses the subject of the body as a viaticum of transmission and suspension through a series of shows, gatherings, residencies, and experiences. One-hundred-and-fifty days in the heart of the world of gesture and dance; a journey that reveals itself to the visitor as a practice in which it is possible to share an openness towards other arts. For the first time, Virgilio Sieni brings to Cango four “Compagnia” productions and three specific projects by the Accademia sull’arte del gesto, which are meant to form one organic vision. La democrazia del corpo presents the public with viewing itineraries designed as journeys in search of gesture; an open workshop that develops a trio of relationships and reverberations between Florence, Marseille and Riga. The project for the Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture 2013 involved over 160 Accademia sull’arte del gesto dancers from all over the Mediterranean basin, women and men of all ages who starred in three choreographed “Agoras” in symbolic locations around the city of Marseille