Evento inserito nella rassegna LA DEMOCRAZIA DEL CORPO 2013/14 – Un progetto di Virgilio Sieni

Cango – De anima

These dances are like a collection of notes. They draw near from the darkness, from the depths.
Their dance always takes place within their being drawn to one another.
They come in flurries, like groups of families, playing friends, lives that are left behind and later cherished: it is all sustained between yielding bodies. Flurries that bring out a collection of pictures: all notes, margins, creases on the soul.
Each picture, like a short story, seeks to raise some questions along the plot line: these are dances composed of accelerations, variations and resting into waiting.
The compassionate figures faintly recall Picasso’s acrobats, jugglers and harlequins.
The figures seem to evaporate out of water, out of the dampness. In approaching from depths, in appearing on stage, the aim is to display a series of figures at the edges of rooms deep in the murk, where realism melts away in the constant falling of the shapes of the soul.
They are rooms of life, in that they are always waiting for something else.
The soul as a form of the living (Aristotele) tears open humanity.
In this context, the figures in the performance – seemingly melancholic – emerge. This deep darkness, this human instability, in this case, sets off the dancers’ smiles and original genius.
Tactility, portrayed as a transparent substance, is the true origin of each picture, if one thinks of the light of gesture which is constantly obtained by the heat of the rotations.
Each dance is also designed according to suggestions taken from Artistotle’s
De Anima on the “perceptibles” common to several senses – movement, stillness, number, figure, size – which surround us in a broad awareness with regards to other bodies; and likewise the medium of each sense, that channel that organically connects us to the dense flow of the invisible.
And finally, who are these pale-faced youths who emerge from the depths, interpreted with strength and with abandonment to the gesture of the dance, youths whom we encounter along the arduous path of everyday life? Without wishing to, they show us time held within the particles of movement forming the fragile figure of the passage into the transparency of the forest: like woodsmen, in the thick wood they see the meandering paths that build up the body as it evaporates into the child’s game of adulthood.

A 2012 production of La Biennale di Venezia / Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
First performed on 8 June 2012, La Biennale International Contemporary Dance Festival, Venice. The Company is supported by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities– Directorate General for Live Performance; the Tuscan Regional Authority; and the City of Florence