Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) LA DEMOCRAZIA DEL CORPO 2013/14

Cango – Spring Exercises

A small community of dancers explores the infinite nature of gesture in a dim spot of light and in a space that changes shape with movement. Rules of mendicant life give rise to a landscape composed of a series of 60 exercises.
The exercises shape the dancers by the rhythm of wind, rain and sun, gathering the gestures into dances, populated by figures caught in flight. Circle dances follow one after another, marking time through a cycle of exercises in preparation for the change, if one can call it that, to the next season.
The place might be an opening in a wood, a clearing that lets the light in. An open space deep in the forest emerges from the dancers’ movement itself: they are “woodsmen” who are left in the shadow of the dusk on stage, of the edges that now and then are defined.
The work requires only bodies and a dim light that is almost urged on by the dancers’ movement itself, between night, dawn and twilight. This small community faces history, hanging onto the present by its nails so as not to be swept away.
“Spring exercises” is inspired by the conference held by Martin Heidegger on 6 October 1951 at the Buehlerhoehe, “Poetically man dwells”, a reflection on a late poem by Holderlin.
The performance rests its gaze on those communities that have disappeared, that have been wiped out or crushed, and is dedicated to them.

A 2013 Production of I Teatri di Reggio Emilia / Thè?tre de Liege (Belgium) / Compagnia Virgilio Sieni. The Company is supported by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities / the Tuscan Regional Authority / the City of Florence