L’Accademia sull’arte del gesto

L’Accademia sull’arte del gesto, founded by Virgilio Sieni at CANGO in 2007, is an advanced study course on the transmission of movement, aimed at creating an environment of innovative practices on the meaning of the body and dance. The birth of the Accademia sull’arte del gesto (Academy of the Art of Movement) responds to a national need for a creative training that goes beyond the traditional divisions, by formulating a new idea inspired by an organic and physiological wholeness, incorporating research on contemporary idioms and their capacity to reflect a strong relationship with the nature of the territory.

The study of gesture is the starting point for a new and necessary knowledge of the body, which develops through constant confrontation with the great masters of art history, with special attention to the deeply rooted territorial heritage. The Academy is also based on the residence of teachers, choreographers and artists of international standing, which provides a key element of plurality and openness in the Academy’s courses. The Academy’s activity is accompanied by regular publication; every project is documented in a publication that summarizes the artistic training and work. The volumes comprise the series Il Gesto (The gesture), published by Maschietto Editore.