Residenze Artistiche

CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta offers residencies for choreographers, companies or artists, both established and very young, throughout the year. The aim is to provide a precious space for research and creation during development and the change to develop projects more thoroughly.

The purpose of the residency is to protect the artist and at the same time open an exchange in order to allow for artistic breakthroughs. The residencies are one of the fundamental aspects of the Cango for facilitating a confrontation between the artists who are there together, nourishing a permanent forum between different disciplines, and allowing the public to follow, through the presentation of studies, the unfolding of an artistic process which for the most part generally remains invisible. The residency provides an opportunity to present the work of artists in different stages of development: study, work in progress, performance and show.

The artists in residence in 2008 are:

Emio Greco/PCMK, Hermann Diephuis.