La natura delle cose 057

La natura delle cose

The new creation by Virgilio Sieni, La natura delle cose, was presented at Cango, from 21 March to 11 April 2009 for a total of 20 showings. Produced by Teatro Metastasio-Stabile della Toscana, it is based on the philosophical and encyclopedic poem of Lucretius, De rerum natura.

The five dancers (Ramona Caia, Massimiliano Barachini, Jacopo Jenna, Csaba Molnar, Daniele Ninarello) perform three scenes, creating a compact quartet of men and a metamorphic and always present female figure, like the Venus-goddess of the generative act evoked by Lucretius at the beginning of his poem.

The choice of De rerum naturacoincides with the urgent need to look into the nature of things, their origin and soul, with dance as an explorative tool and as an event for reflecting on today.

The dramaturgy was based on the text by Lucretius. For this purpose, Virgilio Sieni made use of the prestigious collaboration of Giorgio Agamben, one of the most important and original philosophers of our time, known and translated worldwide. The music is an original work by Francesco Giomi, composer and director of Tempo Reale.

The text of the play was read and recorded by the famous singer Nada, who for the first time, makes a vocal contribution to a choreographic presentation.