Festival Oltrarno Atelier

The fourth edition of the Festival Oltrarno Atelier is completely dedicated to the theme of transmission of the gesture, intended as encounter, creation and vision but also as an opportunity for reflection on a renewed geography of the territory.

Today, the capacity to conceive and articulate a project regarding the city and the identity of a place springs from an analysis of Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood and the territory around Cango: the festival proposes a well-defined visualization of the entire range of projects by the Academy of the Art of the Gesture, created in 2007 by Virgilio Sieni, and the array of groups born in the past two years.

It is an exploration of the transmission of practices to children, to the elderly, to blind youngsters and to artists, in an attempt to identify the meaning of the contemporary by searching for roots in the territory. This year as in the past, the festival locations trace a map of meaning of a renewed geography that needs to be opened up to our eyes and ears, through the dislocation of experiences that suggest a blossoming of approaches and sharing: they are moments treated as hiatuses, brief and intense, like so many questions asked of the city regarding its capacity to accept and welcome and its sense of vision.

The artists: Nada, Manuela Menici, Alba Donati, Enrico Bertelli,  Damasco Equipe, Francesca Grilli, Elisa Biagini, Bottega Inside; and from Academy of the Art of the Gesture: Gruppo Masolino,Gruppo Eden, Gruppo Duccio.