Festival Oltrarno Atelier

The fifth edition of the festival continues to make the Florentine Oltrarno an international workshop – unique in its kind – of artistic experiences, engrossing practices, premier visions, site-specific creations.

The novelty of this edition is its scheduling in the autumn and the decision to distribute the programming over the arc of a month rather than a week.

The Festival Oltrarno Atelier, which grew out of the CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta to develop its qualities in a concentrated and intense event, each year adds greater depth to its innovative visions and experiences in contemporary idioms in the unique and special Oltrarno territory, embracing a broad artistic perspective. In fact, in this encounter there is fresh potential for creativity and artistic achievement, subverting the boundaries between artist and audience, action and vision, work places and places of entertainment. The perception of urban and anthropological space is reshaped in the crossovers that are activated: the places become the setting, context and connective tissue for unique events, often new to the public, where the boundaries of genre are broken down and move between dance, performance art, visual arts, installation, and poetry.