A project for BASE

BASE / Progetti per l’arte presents the premier of the project by Pierre Bismuth entitled Oggetti che avrebbero dovuto cambiare la tua vita (objects that should have changed your life) specially designed for the space.

For this project, the artist has invited the Florentine public to participate by donating, lending or selling items once purchased with the hope that they could change their lives.

The exhibition is a collection of consumer goods that have not kept their promise of change and are, in many cases, unused and forgotten. Bismuth’s statement is one of disenchantment, with which he does not intend to reveal any truth, leaving the work to the public who are free to attribute (and imagine) another kind of individual ‘promise’ for objects that are part of our daily lives.

In Pierre Bismuth’s project, the objects are not only goods. Contrary to what happens with ready-made merchandise, in this installation by Bismuth, there is no transformation of goods into a work of art through the simple transfer from one context to another. The object acquires the potential of a work of art before the artist puts it in the exhibition space, through the testimony of a promise betrayed.

These consumer goods have already lost their usefulness as such goods: their appearance (aesthetics) has failed, and their use has thus been rejected. Paradoxically, it is only through this process of transformation into art that they once again regain their market value, thereby acquiring a new value in terms of usefulness (unusable).