BASE / Progetti per l’arte presents the site-specific exhibition by Christian Jankowski with works created in dialogue with the context of Florence and the artist-run space BASE, founded eighteen years ago.

“no-profit” is the new project by Christian Jankowski conceived especially for the occasion in which the concept, the sign, and the ideals evoked by this definition can be analyzed collectively by his re-purposing into an object (a neon sign), and also into a story (visible through a list on the wall that highlights all that made the realization of the same neon possible). Jankowski, with this “intervention of conceptual and relational matrix”, suggests a different vision of Base; shifting the focus from a physical space to the mechanisms that underlie such self-taxation of the artists collective allowing the existence of the space itself and to the organizational dynamics that usually remain hidden. All this inevitably confronts the current situation characterized by the economy of the new immaterial finance, with the common acceptance that the information on the Internet is never totally correct or verifiable as with virtual friendships on social networks that are everywhere but where no one is actually present. This observation of Jankowski however does not stop at the context of BASE, but widens to include the city of Florence. Thus on the flip side of the installation “no-profit”, is the work exhibited in the other room titled “friends to friends.” The latter consists of a map of the city, a series of photographs, and other signs that testify to the artist’s happenings in the trattorias and restaurants in the city, in which photographs taken of famous people with the owners and staff of the premises are normally exhibited in order to emphasize the importance or quality of the place itself. Jankowski was photographed with the same people in the same places recreating the exact pose of the original photos (including John Travolta, Rocco Siffredi, Valeria Marini, Matteo Renzi and many others), but fitting into the scene like its mirror image. The only things that change are the appearance of the person photographed with the artist, who in the meantime, even if only slightly, has aged, and a sign with a phrase that answers the question asked by Jankowski: what defines frendship for you? The process will end, during the opening, when the artist takes the framed photographs of himself with the restauranteurs back to each place. This project investigates the concept of celebrity, of intimacy and of friendship in the age of the global village, and proposes a reading of the work of art and the space of art as a means to discuss their roles in the society of which they are part.