Peter Kogler

Peter Kogler’s in situ work at BASE reflects some of the most essential and characteristic means of expression of our time. His artistic concept is based on the complexity and beauty of networks and information technology.

The all-over structure of the floor comprises some of his favourite icons, such as the globe, the ants, the tube systems, all in all biomorphous and organic elements. In this work, which has been especially conceived for the exhibition, Kogler also analyses the question of the interaction between geometrical structures and light. He makes the visitor think about the prerequisites of perception. The view from the outside through the coloured windows modifies the artwork. According to the colour, certain parts of the work disappear. As soon as the visitor enters the gallery, the work will be perceptible as a whole. It is like being part of the underlying structures.

In a very subtle way, the work reveals the links and movements of global networking.