Tutti Frutti

BASE celebrates its tenth year presenting a special project by Franz West designed specifically for the occasion. Tutti Frutti is an exhibition conceived by West,  with West. It is a concert, a presentation of works that welcomes other works of art.

Tutti Frutti is a reflection on the role of the artist in today’s society and a deconstruction of the concept of authorship, the work of art and the container as it is commonly accepted, to highlight the opportunity to build relationships and unexpected connections. The artist describes his work: ‘the show was not created by me but through and starting with the contributions of artists with whom I am always in touch. The show’s strategy is to express an interpersonal and effective materialization of the bonds of a spiritual nature, not letting it conform to that of the normal authorship of a work of art. Originally I wanted to become a dealer, but at the end of the Sixties in Vienna, due to a number of economic reasons, it was not possible. My gallery would look like this show, and thus this is a late and artificial understanding of my desire. Of course nothing is for sale. This must all be freely interpreted and if this attitude is understood, the project will have fulfilled its purpose’.