BASE concludes its tenth year of activity with the presentation of a new video installation by Grazia Toderi, entitled Fantasia. For the duration of the exhibition, the space has been transformed into a precious and unexpected treasure chest, providing a new and fascinating point of view, allowing the viewer a different perception of the space itself and the context around it: the city and the idea that citizens or tourists have of Florence.

The videos by Toderi – taken from above and looking over the city – have taken inspiration from an interpretation of Invisible Cities by Calvino, from the desire to create a relationship between the earth (and lights) and the sky that contains it. In Fantasia we are dealing with a mirage or a sort of sunken Atlantis observed through the mirror of water, or perhaps we are spectators who observe this reality from beneath the surface of the water.

The question is which of the two sides or two points of view is the right one. Both and neither, one of the constant elements in the work of Toderi is the will to cancel the force of gravity and position ourselves as if on another planet. The truth lies in the time of the materialization of these two horizons and views. Here the video is neither a map of the city nor its views, but a realization of the time of its materialization in front of our eyes. The moment is that of a transformation taking place. It is a dance. It is a mirage. It is a fantasy. This fantasy, however, is not an escape from reality, since, for the artist, reality does not really exist, but only he who wishes to discover it.