Bardini Contemporanea

Luis Molina-Pantin

For the first time in Florence, the photographs of the Venezuelan artist Luis Molina- Pantin are on exhibit. A selection of works, New landscapes, Chelsea Galleries and Informal study on hybrid architecture Vol.I. Narco-Architecture and its contributions to the community (Calì-Bogota, Colombia) 2004-2005 traces Pantin’s research from the late ‘90s to today.

The exploration that emerges from the works displayed at Villa Bardini refers to an idea of an imaginary, metaphysical landscape linked to memory, to the idea of souvenirs, confronting us with the presence of absence of a place, of an object of a terrible history of exploitation and the accumulation of wealth in a grotesque architectural allegory.
Pantin also leads us to reflect on disappearance or transmutation, beginning with the Hegelian theory of the overlapping between subject and object, passing through Deleuze and his reflections between difference and repetition, and finally coming to Bourriad and his esthetic of post-production. The disappearance or dissolving of the object, the work of art or the architecture as subjects and their new connotation are the basis of Pantin’s photography and experimentation, along with the archivist spirit of the creator of samples that stand in for real experience, laying bare our human incapacity and immobility in the face of the seduction of the scenic illusion.