Bardini Contemporanea


There are enigmatic ambivalences in the relationship between the mind and the world, architecture and nature. We construct narratives of nature in the heart of the city. What are the political and social uses of nature? What is the desire that inspires the ‘biophilic’ fictions?

In reflecting on the practices of conservation and archiving, the title Cythère alludes to the famous painting by Watteau and the island dwelling of Aphrodite, which is also a destination for pilgrimages and the prize of love.

The project, carried out through extensive research and photography in museums dedicated to contemporary contexts and often unknown or inaccessible to the public, is a kind of fragmentary and selective investigation of the human mind, an attempt to test the anthropology of the immaterial, paying special attention to the fiction of distance, travel, beauty; the devices, the signals, lines of consolidation or fracturing of the illusion and the devices that have sustained and generated it.

Cythère is an exhibition curated by Alberto Salvadori and Luigi Fassi; on display in Villa Bardini, a complete series of large format photographs and an installation of drawings on the theme of travel and the island.