50 giorni di cinema internazionale a Firenze

50 Giorni di Cinema 2014

Since 2007, “50 Days” has brought a season of high-quality film to the capital of Tuscany.
The playbill is composed of ten international festivals taking place in Florence: festivals that are bound together in a close, prolific cooperation through a single calendar, a single, shared location, and the support of the staff from the Cinema Section of Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Each year, 50 Days highlights a particular theme, which it emphasises so as to encourage extensive reflection sparked by the films in its programme. This year the festival is dedicated to the “future”, to young people depicted on the big screen and to “youthful” cinema created by those who keep experimenting – at any age – with the language of the seventh art.
50 Days will open on 29 October with the Festival dei Popoli International Documentary Film Festival, now in its 55th year.

France Odeon contemporary French film festival (30 October – 2 November), Images and Sounds of the World: an Ethnic-Musical Film Festival (3 – 5 November); International Festival of Women and Film (6 – 11 November); The Screen of Art Film Festival (12 – 16 November); Balkan Florence Express (17 – 20 November); Florence Queer Festival (21 – 27 November); Festival dei Popoli. International Documentary Film Festival (28 November – 5 December); River to River Florence Indian Film Festival (6 – 12 December); A Window to the North (13 – 14 December); the NICE Prize City of Florence (14 December).